Return Policy

KN95 Masks

KN95 is a four ply mask which is not only dust proof but protects against airborne germ contamination.

Disposable Gloves

Hand gloves is a flexible and disposable glove that will be used for medical purposes.

Body Suit

Full body protection suit: It is made up of polypropylene to provide safety to use in an unsafe environment.

Terms & Conditions of Return Policy

PPE in Bulk will provide you the right to return your product in the following cases:

1) You can return the product if the wrong product delivered to you. By means of that you ordered a different product but mistakenly you get the different product. In this case you can return product.

2) If the product delivered in bad condition; means that the product delivered in damage condition in this case you can also return the product.

3) Don’t accept the product if the seal is opened or the package has any sort of scratches.

4) We can reject your return if the product is in damage condition, means if you get the wrong product and you want to return the product. Please make sure it is in good condition before you return.

5) We will not accept product returns that have been used.

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How To Protect Yourself

The best way to prevent illness is to avoid being exposed to this virus.

  • Wash Your Hands
  • Stay At Home
  • Avoid Close Contact
  • Don’t Touch Face
  • Use Face Mask
  • Use Hand Sanitizer
  • Washing Hands
  • Use Your Gloves

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